The construction of your IDEAL pool begins with using one of our qualified pool contractors.  Please contact us for a contractor near you.


Here are 6 important tips to consider when planning the building of your backyard oasis.

 Tip  #1   Preparation

Before you start spending money on a big investment like an inground pool, first hire one of our certified contractors to survey the site for the pool. The ground around your home may not be suitable for a pool, or there might be hazards that need to be considered when you decide where to put it. If the survey goes well, the next steps are to get a permit to install a pool and to contact your utility company. You need to know about lines under the ground to avoid when you dig.


 Tip  #2   Design

Next is designing the pool. Determine size and location first, then the type of material you will use. You can review the shapes see many choice ideas have we have for you on this website.  Also, there are dozens of vinyl liner patterns to choose from for your pool shape and the style which you have in mind. After you have determined what you want and what best suits your families needs, the contractor will review the electrical and a plumber requirements, and give you the recommended plan for construction. It is very important and necessary to plan and install the proper plumbing to the pool for draining water, and to get electricity to your pump or any other systems you might want to include for maintaining your pool.


Tip #3   Digging (Side note: Your backyard becomes a major construction site before it becomes your beautiful oasis.)

No matter what pool design and shape you want to install, digging is the first step of installation. Mark the area that needs digging, then start moving dirt with an experienced pool excavator. Your contractor will have the right person to take on this portion of the project.


Tip #4   Installation

Your IDEAL pool vinyl-lined pools require solid panels along the sides of the pool.  A vinyl-lined pool uses either concrete or sand in the bottom and sometimes padding along the sides, then is covered with the vinyl liner which you have chosen. Your pool structure is supported by steel external stabilization in the form of poured concrete footers and sometimes gravel along the walls.


Tip #5   Safety is important

An inground pool requires safety and a security system of some kind to prevent people from falling into the pool accidentally.  Your contractor will give you guidance on the best way to do this.  A fence is a typical and basic tactic to accomplish this.


Tip #6   Water features are endless.  Check out this website for some great ideas.

It's time for some serious planning. You also may want other features, such as a pool deck. Another important consideration to make is whether you want water features that are not essential to pool function, but add a lifetime of enjoyment, like waterfalls, fountains or decorative lights. If you plan on using the pool at night, functional underwater lights are another important consideration. Check out our lighting features on this website.


We hope these simple tips will help you as you begin the journey of "Building your backyard oasis". From now on, your family can live the dream of vacationing @ home on a daily basis.